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Up to 25% of the homeless own pets & most place the needs of their pets ahead of their own.
Homeless prevention through advocacy, support and community integration.
L'idée originale de ce projet a jailli de conversations entre Sandra Jarvis-Selinger, Ph. D.
The University of Lethbridge has a rich heritage as a leader in First Nations, Métis and Inuit ed
Our project is unique and distinct from other similar programs due to the number of partnerships
Aboriginal eMentoring BC (eMentoring) aims to develop and implement an online mentorship program
The Just Move It initiative (JMI) originated on the Navajo Nation in 1993 as a partnership betwee
Carleton University’s Centre for Initiatives in Education (CIE) offers an Aboriginal High School
Girls in Motion is a strategy to educate girls about the importance of enjoyable participation in
Build an efficient plant, indoor curling rink in partnership with a community organization which
Submit Self Defence is about giving back to the community that I love.
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Empowering local youth to take on tasks of quality management in micro and small NGOs in Latin Am
Our purpose at Cx is to bridge the gap between potential and impact - at individual, project, gro
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Yoga Outreach is committed to developing and delivering life-affirming Service Yoga programs to p
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An educational campaign designed to advance kid´s self-confidence, social awareness and creativit
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A community based business model or platform that empowers youth and elders to develop meaningful