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Growing through the crowd.
Facilitates early blood diagnosis of infectious and non-communicable diseases affordable for disa
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More than 1 billion people play videogames.
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Humans spend 3 billion hours a week playing videogames.
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Aguaviva recaudará fondos para una investigación sobre el control del asma a través del entrenami
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Alia2Foundation defends the rights of minors in Internet.
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We are training caregivers in charge of children and youth at the orphanages and assistance cente
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Simple things can have huge impact.To assess the immune level against disease clearly impact on p
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Mide y analiza el estado de pacientes con Parkinson, distonía y otros trastornos de movimiento us
Arrythmik es una solución pensada para controlar una arritmia con tu terminal móvil.
El nacimiento prematuro es la principal causa de enfermedad grave y mortalidad del recién nacido.