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Twim Academy is a school of media and creative arts located in Ibadan, Nigeria.
Brindamos a jóvenes de 18/30 años, adultos mayores y madres solteras (población vulnerable) un
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Fortalecer la capacidad de las comunidades indígenas de Tucumán para preservar, reconstruir y con
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Radio Los Inestables es una radio abierta e itinerante producida por personas con padecimiento me
Las palabras generan identidad y moldear el mundo.
With the rapid growth in the digital space, a group of individuals have been spotted.
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AfricaMetering: the major focus is on GREEN ENERGY, providing an online platform and applications
1) To reduce the worker’s physical effort or overstrain when carrying goods.
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Our project is an alliance between an ONG, a cooperative and a company, looking for strengthen th
SAMPLER is created to form a centralized sytem that networks every one who wants to be part of th
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In recent time, People are becoming more busy by the day.
There are thousands of unemployed and consequently poor youths littered in gboko,my farming locat
For poor women cassava producers in Nigeria who are stuck in vicious cycle of back-breaking labor
Funds contributed by students while in school to various business cooperatives as shareholders, u
This project is aimed at contributing to the UN goal of no hunger, zero poverty etc.
There are thousands of unemployed and consequently poor youths littered in gboko,my farming locat
The website tends to create a platform for agricultural information and marketing in Africa, it i
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<p>Hint: This will be the first introductory text about this project that viewers will see.
BENZEFT enterprise consists of a football viewing/ computer games playing center that has a mini