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Brace Social Coop acts on supporting caregivers to develop empathic, secure relationships and pos
The Therapeutic Garden will be a new green space in the center of Athens, where older people will
To be helpful is one of the basic man’s needs, like being listened to and loved.It's on these ke
Our solution is the most simple one you could ever imagine.
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The initiative is aimed at delaying or slowing cognitive decline through the strengthening of the
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Silver Thread (Filo d’Argento) is a national toll free number that offers to the elderly companio
Multilingual and multiplatform publishing company devoted to patient medical education and to the
Vitaever project promotes home healthcare in order to offer, particularly to chronic patients, an
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This intervention aims at eliminating the stigma and discrimination towards patients suffering f
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The adequate and appropriate training of health professionals is a pre-requisite for the patients
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The purpose of SAPT Hellas is to increase awareness of the general public in Greece (especially scho
In Greece it is generally believed that there is no concern for the elderly.
Beewise focuses on maintaining the quality of life of skilled un/under-employed professionals + p
The Therapeutic Garden will be a new green space in the center of Athens, where older people will
It is a project is about the sensitization of the society of Heraklion about bullying and the el
Design of adaptations for existing homes and a remote monitoring system for frail elderly users,
The centre would aim at opening to partially or not self-sufficient people, as well as to inter-