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Reef Life nanotechnologies assist bonding of oceanic creatures, coral polyps, plants, medicines &
Climate change results in torrential & erratic rains, excessive flooding instantly disabling
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Project Mushroom is a social enterprise aiming to foster and encourage farmers towards agribusine
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The project is about pumping water over high elevations from sources below communities and farms.
Checkmyschool (CMS) aims to improve service delivery in public education.
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This project aims to adopt SNAP (Simple Nutrient Addition Program) Hydroponics technology that ca
Philippines is composed of over 7000 scattered islands.
We are a micro finance credit bureau that utilizes biometric identification to provide accurate a
Raising Children of Hope is a passionate journey creating possibilities and opportunities to the
SPEED is a disease surveillance system for health emergencies and disasters using mobile and Inte
JeepneED’s mission is to be an effective mobile science and tech lab where there is none.Each jee
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In the Philippines, 30 million poor Filipinos pay up to 20% more for goods & services than th
In 2007,Bayawan with grant from AusAID,technical assistance from Land Equity International(LEI),i
This idea was conceptualized with the following organizations concerns in the massive environment
Develop a mobile health information system for health care providers to unify patient data and de
Map My Run (MMR) is a community-veered, socially-focused, and web and field-based initiative and
Nurtured on the vision of promoting health and wellness in urban poor communities, the Aquaponics
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Joomajam is a music driven learning solution that is bilingual, rockstar made and educator approv
The Wireless Access for Health is a public-private partnership dedicated to applying advanced 3G