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Raise her Voice- a social enterprise with multi layered benefit & holistic approach.
We work with girls in schools because by the time they are teenagers they have internalised socie
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TheGoodData is a platform that helps people enjoy the ownership of their data.
MedLock saves lives and allows patients to use prescription drugs as intended in a safe, secure,
An online marketplace for children's goods, that shares parenting advice and supports children's
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CloudyDaze is a media literacy scheme aimed at helping individuals in developing counties better
Aiming for more of a wide understanding of what goes on behind the company in a positive straight
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Student Hubs works across UK universities to transform student social action and create the next
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As cidades cresceram e transformaram-se em estruturas tão complexas e difíceis de administrar, qu
The project aims to create a nationwide Street Football network capable of engaging with homeless
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Street Soccer will deliver a new and innovative personal development program for women who are 16
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It is now clear to us that the loss of a twin before birth leaves a profound psychological effect