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Stormie Poodle makes new clothes for children out of discarded high-quality hotel textiles that a
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YAMAS was founded to empower and support our partners and to reconceptualize the pro
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Project for solving the problem of cooking Gas Cylinders Distribution in the developing countries
bakery ovens built with bricks&mud this secure,preserve the environment;low-cost,energy-savin
ProbonoWay is a social enterprise that aims to empower social change organizations by bringing bu
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قطن فريدة هو مشروع بدا صغيرا ليكون بعد ذلك كبيرا
This project aims to save female prisoners who are victims of poverty from the danger of returnin
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Group of visionary entrepreneurs transforming the Middle East automotive market through innovativ
Zomra Consulting propoes: "Women On Board" project
Amazing how schools do fire drills, earthquake drills but no sexual abuse drills.
There is a clandestine acceptance of child sexual abuse.
Sustainability project committed to solve the blood issue in Egypt via health awareness and empow
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youth as impact of the change , by the sharing the succes story about the ground works
Building environmentally friendly boat(s) with minimal impact on the Nile, in the same time it al
The project is to attract CSR budgets of well established organizations to form a revolving fund
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-Bus Pooling provides Bus Transportation for daily commuters.