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La Misma Sangre es un proyecto dirigido a los jóvenes de la Sierra de Atoyac para que a través de
Ser un canal de seguimiento y monitoreo sobre las políticas y programas que los gobiernos de las
Co-mapp: Metodología y APP de resiliencia, empoderamiento e información para promover los derecho
“Ligue Político” es una app que promueve la participación en procesos electorales, la transparenc
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Ugift is the platform where heroes can connect with other heroes to deliver goods to people aroun
Some companies are making great efforts to offer young employees good working conditions and deve
Previta, makes preventive healthcare services, including remote patient monitoring, affordable an
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Capacitar y complementar el desarrollo de proyectos con una visión social, para artesanos textile
QUO provides to the value chain a tool to manage, validate and record trade.
We have women giving their knowledge for free. How to cook, dance, massage, and so on.
Mujer Emprende es una plataforma tecnológica que promueve el desarrollo de las empresas propiedad
The most vulnerable populations in Mexico have limited access to banking services.
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Kubo.financiero is an online financial community that links creditworthy borrowers with savvy inv
Rêv is a company of global payment solutions with a innovative and easy way to use prepaid and mo
Don’t Leave Money Behind campaign will help Mexican migrants protect and retrieve their U.S.
MX Appleseed and the Fair Remittance Alliance will ensure remittance recipients get a fair deal a
Capturista Sobre Ruedas existe para: Generar empleo para personas con discapacidad,