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We make plastic waste a currency to alleviate global poverty.
FullSoul equips hospitals in Uganda with medical supplies to protect the health and safety of mot
The idea would be to purchase and manage large tracts of land for preservation throughout the cou
Aubergine Club; affordable equipment-free gym, green house garden patch and activities for all ag
We desperately need a new approach to solving climate change and sustainability.
As a charity, we understand the challenges facing our sector.
We're a nonprofit rescuing excess fabric from manufacturers, the film industry, and more.
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We are transforming the consumer-to-business feedback loop to demonstrate real-time value for Asi
People who bike shop more frequently and take fewer sick days at work.
Earth Matters seeks to provide an avenue for youth to be inspired, direct change and share a visi
The Mobility Pass will create a pathway for transforming a fragmented regional transportation sys
The Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation provides care to end HIV/AIDS.
Collect & recycle soap discarded by the hospitality industry & distribution of these to i
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CSI is here to get the EVCS installed at your local parking lot.
We want to provide portable green power and renewable energy education to events, concerts and fe
We at MNML Apparel Inc.
Portal for sustainable living, commerce and investment supported by advanced search functions and
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My Garment is an interactive behaviour change tool used to educate fashion consumers about the im
An organization of businesses that collaborates to grow a green economy in British Columbia.