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FullSoul equips hospitals in Uganda with medical supplies to protect the health and safety of mot
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Initiated in Minnesota, by caring adults who taught school children how to manage and do reading
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Water the essence of life. Without it there is no life.
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Water the essence of life. Without it there is no life.
As a charity, we understand the challenges facing our sector.
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Kijani Tecnology wants to bring renewable energy to every home on the planet.
Many indigenous communities here in Canada and around the world are struggling with the right to
We are striving to bring you fresh clean water where you need it.
The US alone consumes about 1500 water bottles per second.
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The Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation provides care to end HIV/AIDS.
We at MNML Apparel Inc.
We are a mobile car wash that is environmentally sustainable and we generate funding for homeless
The Salvation Army Harbour Light’s Stabilization bridges the gap after detox for clients needing
Social Justice and human rights are what we as a privileged society need to promote and work coll
go to a med store,& get supplies that are prescribed by a DR or someone in the med field,know
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Implementing the Community Acupuncture model: high-quality sessions provided in a supportive grou
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Cowpower is a not-for-profit sustainability service that supports BC farmers to turn manure and f
Eelgrass removes CO2 from the atmosphere better than anything on land.