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Philonoist platform, an e-learning platform allows students to learn and access needed I.T, soft
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Matters of security have to be considered before ANY sustainable socio economic activity can thri
GIVEasia enables charities/individuals to raise funds through the powers of social media by allow
Funds contributed by students while in school to various business cooperatives as shareholders, u
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MiF Attacks Poverty Seek to provide a substitute way for a better living for families living belo
Rhesaf is committed to seeing an Africa with the feasible potential of opportunities for the yout
RHESAF is committed  to seeing an Africa with the feasible potential of opportunities for
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This innovation bridges gap between health professionals and patients seeking first hand solution
Hi I have started a company called Love Cruise in april last year 2012.
a financially cooperative system,that unionize and develop people within a community to see to th
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Wennovation Hub Project is driven by the idea that high impact innovation is what the youths Nige
I am creating a website to discuss social,political and economic issues in Nigeria to enable pub