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Verdant will contribute positively towards climate change through proper waste collection and dis
Et si vous n'achetiez qu'une seule huile pour votre alimentation et vos soins cosmétiqu
Developing countries are the most vulnerable to the unavoidable impacts of climate change.
Boost Eco bags are paper bags which will serve as a new medium of communication, for consumer bra
POULT VAULT is an innovation platform that brings together resources to help local chicken farmer
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The "Maize" project is a Community initiative focused on the cultivation, preservation
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When all the strategies to put an end to road accidents have failed, a new strategy has to be ado
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Now our days most skin infections are caused by bacteria and microbes, due to lack of portable wa
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traveler is a passenger monitoring tool that permits
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When all the strategies to put an end to road accidents have failed, a new strategy has to be ado
Cognizance of the fact that unemployment contribute to conflict violence,poverty, inequality; and
The Cameroon Solar Solutions (CSS) makes a positive impact for environment, economy and society f
MetroCredit is a category 2 micro finance institution and a for-profit organizational in Buea, Ca
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Quick Marketing Solution (QMS) is an experiment in mobile marketing, an opportunity for real econ
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Drinking Water as a Service (DWAAS) is a social enterprise that invests in safe drinking water pr
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The Pulse project aims to build low-cost online student services platform for African universitie
The project offers two services: dental clinics and mobile dental clinics for suburbs and remote
Offer quality oral and dental treatment at a low cost in order to be accessible to the public at