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80% of Rwandans and billions of people worldwide live in homes with dirt floors-breeding grounds
TWB is an education-centered social enterprise that empowers women through 1.) 185+ hour business
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The lack of oxygen supply contributes significantly to mortality rates throughout Africa, and adv
Local + Lejos is a socially conscious home decor brand that creates contemporary product for cons
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The Atinga Project promotes Western consumer recognition of and response to the local capabilitie
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Broad Street Maps collects, manages and visualizes geographic data for public health organization
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C'est un incubateur interactif du risque social en ligne pour les femmes défavorisées des pays pa
Duhange Project is an initiative which was initiated by Brain Technologies Ltd, in order to nurtu
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Global Grassroots’ eAcademy is an interactive, online social venture incubator for underserved wo
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AJPRODHO is a non-profit, student-formed NGO working to improve the enjoyment of rights for youth
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Training Without Borders: The Global Healthcare Training Initiative is an Internet based e-learni
SHE’s vision is to develop sustainable and holistic business models, primarily in the health sect
The 1994 genocide in Rwanda left much suffering, poverty and social disruption.
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Hundreds of thousands of footballs are bought and disposed of each year in Africa.
Great Lakes Energy (GLE) distributes low-cost solar energy products, through local entrepreneurs
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Our idea is to develop a fortified sosoma production business that is run by community nutrition
Nuru Energy seeks to replace expensive and polluting kerosene lamps in Africa by introducing the