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ICanBe is a program that higlights to kids, through play, the main areas of work in human life.
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We are a Social Enterprise working with women to break the cycle of poverty at household level by
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Energy Poverty is pervasive in rural and slum communities of Chipata District, Provincial Capital
The project will be located in any remote rural africa with fertile land although underutilized
The tannery will produce crocodile leather utilizing community oriented and socially beneficial b
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We partner with NGOs that work with vocational training for vulnerable women.
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Encourage and facilitate self development among vulnerable people through immediate actions and p
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The project involves working with communities through provision of microcredit, microinsurance an
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Create a comunity which is part of society, by : bringing closer together for-profit/non-profit o
Operation of a small-medium scale Fresh natural Spring Water Bottling plant under Public-Private
Kukula Fund I is a demand driven investment vehicle designed to finance SMEs in the “missing midd
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"The Textile Bag" is a complex project whose main objective is to provide ecological alternative
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RECICLETA is a project which was started with the purpose to collect the small quantities of pape
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Imagine a world where women who beat the cancer do not face problems in finding a new job, which
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Growing mountains of solid waste in Lusaka are a complex problem that impacts many lives.