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Tatirano, meaning "to collect water" in Malagasy, is piloting rainwater harvesting (RWH
Where emergency relief is needed, food aid distribution inefficiencies waste much food, leaving m
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We believe that in order to create lasting positive impact, we must engage a trilateral methodolo
Community Bazaar.org sales and promote local made, organic and environmentally friendly products.
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EG is a social enterprise that connects renewable energy technology suppliers with female entrepr
Access to mobile communications is a proven way of improving lives and expanding the earning pote
We want to change the focus of fair trade on tourists and export markets to fair trade for local cus
I want to establish massage as a new profession for disadvantaged young blind people in Nepal, wh
Our mission is to help foster the growth of independent, self-sufficient women by encouraging sel
Seeing Hands Nepal (SHN) is an innovative social enterprise which supports blind people in Nepal,
The Nepali Green Entrepreneurship Centre is an innovation hub for young entrepreneurs to flourish
Organic Living offers individual agritourism holidays in Nepal.
Passion for Life is a 5 module cycle online “choose your own adventure” game to facilitate youth
Classée parmi les pays les plus sales, Madagascar possède une richesse dans ces ordures car les 3