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Evrnu fiber transforms cotton garment waste into textile fiber for the creation of premium garmen
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Hint: This will be the first introductory text about this project that viewers will see.
Just Cause Coffee is a socially conscious premium coffee subscription that helps provide clean dr
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Reef Life nanotechnologies assist bonding of oceanic creatures, coral polyps, plants, medicines &
Norton Antivirus Customer service number for the customer who are not able to reaching official c
Imagine a clean world where everyone gets appliances, repairs and service.
We are creating a tech solution that tracks the flow of organic cotton from the farmer to the mil
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Organic and inexpensive blend that makes you preserve your garments by reducing the washing cycle
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Alter-Art will enhance small-space living worldwide, promote healthy social gatherings for all so
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Social change and mainstream media do not have to be mutually exclusive.
$120 billion worth of biomass (e.g.
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The Mapuche conflict is not terrorism, but Chileans believe it to be.
We’re building an supply chain network in Southern California for hemp textiles by partnering wit
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Lazlo combines timeless design with a commitment to responsible business.
Developing 100% renewable materials designed to minimize the toxicity of the fashion industry eff
Movements often flounder when the activists driving them lack access to vital strategies, safe sp
ENVenture works with respected community based organizations (CBOs) already based in the last mil
Tellusthepoint enables employers like Unilever to share with students how classroom subject
At 2WO BRAND, we believe the future of sustainable clothing begins with your worn-out threads.
Handloom Nation promotes sustainability in fashion by connecting fashion brands with skilled hand