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Offer a wide range of care services to older people in great need of care 24/7, with coordination
Frozen gels are gels that can be applied to the body to relive it from hot flashes or cold flashe
Dementia SA is the leading provider of awareness, information, education and support services to
Guidance on drug interactions for elders is a non-profit organization that helps elderly people t
This Reminiscence Promenade wants to create reminiscence, intergenerational work, improvement of
A comprehensive program which enables aging people regain the joys of youth through taking charg
Dans une démarche empathique, les clowns rencontrent des personnes âgées atteintes de la maladie
To build up physical activity programs to determine if such activity has a positive effect on cog
Advanced vision screening and quality control of vision services in elderly homes - a pilot proje
Voisin-Age is an innovative intergenerational system which recreates around and with the elderly
Services supporting disabled adults deal with an increasing number of ageing clients.
The aim of this project is to offer integrated creativity and cognitive training in an
‘Neighbouring time’ introduces a social currency that will empower the ageing population and moti
A community project, developed to support the implementation of the Practice guideline for fall p
The UD Living Lab focusses on four major operational goals:
Zilverwijzer is a new method consisting of 6 peer-guided group sessions to create resilience and
Dementia Support Plan has three objectives: 1 a network for pro's & family
People of all ages and family types living together, forming a care-network, who can rely on pro
Nightcare supports caregivers by sending someone that takes care of a person in the night or by f