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5th Pillar لمكافحة ادوات الفساد حيث تمكن كل مواطن لكى يكون ملاحق للفساد
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Les outils anti-corruption de 5th Pillar permettent à CHAQUE citoyen de combattre la corruption !
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As ferramentas anticorrupção do 5th Pillar capacita todo cidadão a se tornar um [guerreiro, comba
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Las herramientas anticorrupción de 5th Pillar empoderan a todos los ciudadanos para combatir la c
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5th Pillar’s anti corruption tools empower EVERY citizen to be a corruption buster!
Focus: It is for promoting Biological Sciences research.Also, involved in Recognizing, Addressi
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Focusing on preventive health, sanitation and hygiene, the “Area Health Minders” are changing the
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Social change and mainstream media do not have to be mutually exclusive.
Social Enterprises across the world are on rise and play a critical role in nation building proce
Social Cops is a technological platform that allows users to voice their complaints regarding pub
Kalagram is a public service initiative that provides vocational training to the underprivileged
The Cross Stitch Project promotes innovative uses for social media and technology, creative commu
Because there are different levels of participation, users are free in empowering themselves thro
Our anti-corruption platform harnesses the collective power of the internet, media & society
Citizens Report combines Citizen Journalism workshop with a ready-to-use website that belongs to
We are creating a space where especially media community can bring a change which they are not ab
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Our interactive news-over-mobile-phone service is inclusive and can reach into the remotest villa
Practical, sustainable, low cost solution to increase participation.