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Ambercycle makes microbes that can eat plastic. Our microbes produce chemicals when fed plastic.
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Organic and inexpensive blend that makes you preserve your garments by reducing the washing cycle
SunSaluter is a non-profit dedicated to improving energy and water access in the developing world
GreenSoul Shoes is a social enterprise that aims to shoe 1 million shoeless children in 10 years.
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Re:Coded transforms the massive intellectual potential of Syrian refugees and IDPs by using a low
Millions of children die every year from preventable diseases because the available vaccines aren
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Project Alianza builds a sustainable, community-based alliance to radically improve the quality o
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Upek‘s mission: Upgrade To Low Carbon Life, Replace Low Efficiency Light.
For me, Clash of Clans early but important step towards this change, but it is a step that someon
We started American Applied Materials Corporation to promote high performance permanent magnets w
There are many open dumps in India which cause disease and pollution.
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Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death from children ages 1 to 4, Our systems are u
The mission of UCLA TIES for Families is to reduce barriers to successful adoption of children wi
Eco-Valve is a shower head attachment that reduces the average household’s indoor water consumpti
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The Northern Illinois Homebuilders Associate has donated four custom-built Playhouse and two cust
Hello, my partner Dezmarie and I are working on establishing a non-profit organization which will
Hello, my partner Glorimar and I are working on establishing a non-profit organization which will
Our project focuses on utilizing anaerobic biogas digestion technology to provide an accessible,