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When we open a tap\have a shower, do we notice or think what is the amount of water we are going
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Arsenic is a major environmental pollutant and naturally occurs in deeper levels of groundwater.
Pravaha endeavours to raise awareness of the importance of water to the level of everyday underst
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What is the best spot in a jungle to see all the amazing animals? A waterhole.
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By utilizing crowdmapping & harnessing public participation, EcoMap India aims to build a cit
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My project PYAAS motive is to provide comfort to homeless animals & save them from dehydratio
NextDrop revolutionizes the way governments and public services communicate with individuals, mak
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MyRain's mission is to provide knowledge and access to drip irrigation systems for small-plot far
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The mixing of freshwater and seawater where rivers flows into the salty ocean releases large amou
Surfactants now-a-days contain lot of phosphate content.
Hyaline Water Corporation is an enterprise working in the field of water conservation and water r
Reap Benefit works with the motto of “Making Green a habit”.
Smaat Community Water Center is a flagship program of Smaat, to quench the thirst of crores of pe
Spring Health seeks to bring safe and affordable drinking water to a potential 100 million People
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once again hello to every one.
Kisan Raja is a revolutionary device (invented and manufactured by Vinfinet Technologies Pvt.
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ACWUS proposes setting up constructed wetlands for in situ wastewater treatment in informal settl
Sankalpa Rural Development Society is a registered non-profit organisation engaged in promoting r