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Catholic priest Jean Thébault is building a self-help movement of Ghana's disabled street be
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GRAB A CUP is a nutritious, environmentally friendly packaged breakfast.
My solution is geared towards creating a paradigm shift in the fast food industry from high chole
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If you have ever been to Ghana you would have heard of shito.
It undisputed fact how local communities suffers from the cancer of poverty and continue to aggra
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Please visit our site to see the depth of our team and how we have experts in many fields coming
Centralian Consulting Foundation encompasses a wide range of specific activities designed to enha
Suffering and death caused by cardiovascular disease is reaching epidemic proportions in underdev
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Devio Arts Centre is a Non-profit Skills Training Art Centre that offers vulnerable and underpriv
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A multi-disciplinary exploration using Participatory Video (PV) to enhance participatory public p
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Golden Insect farms is dedicated to commercial beekeeping for production and processing of honey