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Helping to reform education, Fighting against Human Trafficking through accessible information, W
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This paper deals with the role of Indigenous Traditional Knowledge (ITK) in an agricultural syste
Join our Mission for Building Radiological Infrastructure within in Nepal by Ourselves.
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As a volunteer in Teaching English to Buddhist Monks Program, you will provide basic conversation
Maya Universe Academy is the first completely free education institution in Nepal.
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Maya Universe Academy is the first completely free education institution in Nepal.
Very high levels of crop damage due to growing number of wildlife especially rhino, elephants and
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The basic objective of the program is to harnessing renewable energy and appropriate utilization
We want to change the focus of fair trade on tourists and export markets to fair trade for local cus
MuAN, the umbrella organization of all 58 municipalities of Nepal was formed by bringing all muni
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A building method that uses glass bottles, earthen plaster and bamboo to construct small homes in
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The idea builds on the conviction of people’s power to effect a bottom-up change, power that gets
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"Light for All" projects targeting the poor rural household are not unique.
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The project has been developed with a view to promote organic urban agriculture through Roof Top
The committee operates Homestay project, a first Brahmin Homestay in Nepal.
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The project focuses on exploring the knowledge of the community, Discussion (sharing of the knowl
The Nepali Green Entrepreneurship Centre is an innovation hub for young entrepreneurs to flourish
Organic Living offers individual agritourism holidays in Nepal.