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Fat Macy's is a series of supper clubs run by young Londoners living in hostel accommodation
Khama is an accessories brand built on a collaboration between designers in London and Malawi.
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The Stingray is an initiative that aims to create a platform to utilise unused/derelict public ho
We help ex-prisoners become self-employed.
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Stand Against Violence (SAV) is a registered charity founded following the murder of 17 year old
The Liverpool Project; a charity stopping young people dying on our streets.
Preventing teen crime is a topic that nationally we would like to see happen.
Enterprise as a catalyst - By using enterprise as a catalyst for change and as a tool to stimula
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As cidades cresceram e transformaram-se em estruturas tão complexas e difíceis de administrar, qu
The project aims to create a nationwide Street Football network capable of engaging with homeless
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Empowering the 700+ people living in supported housing in Brighton & Hove, currently excluded
develop evidence-based prevention programmes for all children to provide them with skills and kno
In co-creation with social businesses in Europe we develop an interactive technology programme ca
Our mission is to provide meaningful training opportunities for young ex-offenders with realistic
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I would like to expand our organisation to benefit the more of the South West region of the UK.