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Juguemos Fútbol y prevengamos el VIH, es una iniciativa juvenil que pretende sensibilizar a las j
Gilda Henríquez Darlas has developed a universal primary-school education program to equip childr
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We were born with the purpose to sustain personalities that, with a critical and creative sense,
Se propone a Virtual Taz como un metodo de enseñanza con el cual la poblacion Guatemalteca por me
Nacimos con el propósito sustentar personalidades que, con sentido crítico y creativo, vayan ad
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Young people activating social awareness and empathy among young people, making efforts together
Managers Assoc Guatemala is a nonprofit that strengthens the capabilities of enterprise and entre
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¡Jóvenes activando conciencia social y empatía en otros jóvenes, uniendo fuerzas para hacer un c
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Apply the right of expression, dignifying the youth and women as social citizens, filling their
Empowering and equipping single mothers, some victims of domestic violence or trafficking with sk