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SYNERGY aims to revolutionise the way schools and students in the UK and China can connect educat
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Laborlink is a mobile solution that translates worker voices into actionable analytics.
Shanghai Roots & Shoots aims to inspire passion for the environment and humanity in the child
Raising the awareness of the whole society of disclosing child abuse, protecting the child, educa
Women often bear a disproportionate share of the burden of AIDS care, often struggling to make en
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*With fair-trade channels,(Retail, Corporate Client and International trade) we strive to improve
The Tibetan Plateau in remote Western China is one of the poorest regions in the country but is h
Green Anhui aims at becoming the center of actions which fight for the regular development of wat
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Idea based on the assistance to secure the property rights of people in area called Sovetski whic
'Football For Life' is a landmark charitable grassroots project which brings joy into the lives o
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We suggest to open an underground café in a style of vanguard.In this café customers will be able
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Rejuvenate and reintegrate a livable and sustainable community through constructing and solidify