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NGO BOROUME facilitates the food saving process of the largest supermarket chain in Greece to nea
Plain Ink creates engaging comics, imagery and stories to communicate public health and other vit
WiKonsumer is the wikipedia of critical consumption.
To be helpful is one of the basic man’s needs, like being listened to and loved.It's on these ke
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Silver Thread (Filo d’Argento) is a national toll free number that offers to the elderly companio
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AMKA fights the root causes of child malnutrition in the southern rural area of Katanga, DRC, by:
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The whole world is familiar with the financial crisis in Greece.
With life expectancy growing,it becomes increasingly necessary for individuals to preserve their
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This intervention aims at eliminating the stigma and discrimination towards patients suffering f
Unemployment affects the youth of urban centers.
Today millions of people get health information from magazines, newspapers, television programmes
Active citizens are successfully developing an essential infrastructure in the remote area of Sar
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Prosferw (pro-sfe-ro) application will be an application that connects the "dots" of communicatio
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This project aims to introduce senior individuals in technological means in order to communicate
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Back2Agora is the first site to uplift social exclusion.
The centre would aim at opening to partially or not self-sufficient people, as well as to inter-
The project “ReAGe” is a ‘‘bridge’’ between generations, aiming at reactivating seniors with sk
The target is to promote older people’s active participation in our society through the intergen