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ICanBe is a program that higlights to kids, through play, the main areas of work in human life.
Help children to understand the poor life of others giving them a online platform where intercat,
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Encourage and facilitate self development among vulnerable people through immediate actions and p
Edusfera's mission is to actively participate at the improvement of the Romanian educational syst
LEVEL Association strives for the social and cultural elevation of young people with potential co
We want to develop hospice care practices so that they became integrate into mainstream palliativ
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Create a comunity which is part of society, by : bringing closer together for-profit/non-profit o
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"The Textile Bag" is a complex project whose main objective is to provide ecological alternative
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RECICLETA is a project which was started with the purpose to collect the small quantities of pape
COBI Bicycles is the first bike recycling center in Romania, which refurbishes and sells them onl
CareerKIT integrates available premium trainings that have attached valuable networking opportuni
Imagine a world where women who beat the cancer do not face problems in finding a new job, which
peoples work for familyes the money from the show is splited
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Our desire is to provide youth a new way of learning the necessary skills to get a job in web des