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We are the firs venture to design, build and sell mobile solar water pumps locally.
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It is a network for everyone who interested in sustainable application in various fields (Archite
Smart mobile solution for water and irrigation management, based on wireless IoT protocols, advan
Zad misr working on innovative healthy food products which solves the ever dilemma of eating food
تصنيع وحفظ الغذاء الذي يزيد عن حاجة الاستهلاك الطازج مما يؤدي إلى :
La modernización de regadíos, en infraestructuras, aplicación de energías renovables, automatizac
Trabajaremos con una metodología de implicación de toda la comunidad en las soluciones a las sit
DINA'M es una plataforma para el diálogo económico entre productores y consumidores.
In Egypt , Aloe vera is a immortality plant that grown wild over the graveyards .Aloe vera is a r
-Increase the funds and resources and also necessary to increase the knowledge of the people of t
Según la FAO, cerca de 870 millones de personas sufren desnutrición crónica y los modelos insoste
The x factor project is to help poor farmers in rural villages increase their income from cultiva
Ozona project is to help poor farmers in rural villages losing their crops due to irrigation with
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The mission of Aqua Zai is to provide food security to the 3rd world by creating solutions for th
Schaduf builds networks of rooftop farm owners, and sells their crops under the company's brand.
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Develops AGRO-ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY first protocol, to ensure the highest quality from source to
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Teach vulnerable women the simple house cultivation of Aromatic herbs.
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Intelliwater is a system to irrigate in several areas under demand.
It's well known that the future cities will have their own urban farming.