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Every language teacher knows the power of Mindmaps and yet there is no language dictionary based
Zdeňek Slejška is transforming the education system of the Czech Republic through mobilizing, con
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Helena has designed a solution to educating Roma children and adults that impacts the entire area
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Star Edulink Services Pvt. Ltd.
I want to put thousands of open education materials available on the internet and those developed
In many underserved communities, e.g. in Africa youth suffer from poor career prospects.
Project Athena is a nonprofit organization committed to ensuring that every child in Sierra Leone
Our mission is to provide innovative, capacity-building solutions designed to improve the effecti
We run businesses in farming & food processing to fund free, high-quality education for kids
Helping schools to become entrepreneurial - to generate profit, invest in innovation and develop
We are launching Fair Trade Diamonds to benefit people and communities involved in the industry a
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I would like to bring to the world a multi-dimensional, full-circle and complete system of empowe
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Sport – The Bridge reintegrates street children into their families and school using sport as a m
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We help independent African musicians sell digital downloads of their music, and earn money for t
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The different approach to math didactics is based on 12 key principles concept, which leads child
Play Broumovsko aims at developing a rural region and changing its atmosphere, connecting well es
The goal of the project is to support boys from children homes who are interested in being appren
The IN(ternet) Generation is the first nationwide project to introduce topics of digital literacy