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ICanBe is a program that higlights to kids, through play, the main areas of work in human life.
IKEDOO is a research institute which innovates in the field of educational programs for children.
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In the future, "the school" will mean a group of people ( children and adults) traveling together
Infant & child mortality in Romania is 7 times higher than in the rest of EU.
miniLibri is the only Book Fair exclusively for children in Romania.
Although more than 50% of urban waste can be recycled and reused, Romania is throwing at the garb
Prevalence and impact of oral care disease in Romania is huge.
Help children to understand the poor life of others giving them a online platform where intercat,
Edusfera's mission is to actively participate at the improvement of the Romanian educational syst
Children can change the world and education can change the way children perceive the world.
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Innovative adaptation of classic media is equipping people with knowledge; eCommunity-a changemak
CareerKIT integrates available premium trainings that have attached valuable networking opportuni
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eLearning content for kids ages 3 to 11.
miniLibri is the only Book Fair exclusively for children in Romania.
“Drum Sigur” is offering Romanian teenagers enrolled in vocational schools, (9th-11th grades) a
The project aims to facilitate the access to education for children from families in risk of ma
peoples work for familyes the money from the show is splited
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Our desire is to provide youth a new way of learning the necessary skills to get a job in web des
When we reffer to food we have to think about, sustainable agriculture, energy consumption, water