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Silver Thread (Filo d’Argento) is a national toll free number that offers to the elderly companio
Marine Gifts (MG), established in 2011, is first and only social enterprise in Vietnams that work
Multilingual and multiplatform publishing company devoted to patient medical education and to the
VNGR in the ICU at Thanh Nhan Hospital will improve nurse knowledge and practice, patient outcome
The city of Milan - Welfare, Social and health policies' Department and Italian Society of alcoho
Enable the poor families from ethnic minority group in Vietnam become entrepreneurs in providing
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El portal SolidalTour quiere ser un instrumento útil para todos los viaje
It bridges the gaps among the generations and overcome the marginalisation by establishing the In
The university for Seniors in the Province of Vicenza answer to purposes of improving the active
Valorisation of INnovative Technologies for AGing in Europe is a project implemented with the sup
We promote the use of Web, trusting it could increase the life quality : to book a medical consu
To help retirees and retired people projecting a new life and enable them to make proper choices