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Although stroke is perceived as occurring primarily among the elderly, it also strikes infants. F
WiKonsumer is the wikipedia of critical consumption.
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Thanks to the pro-bono support of well known artists, Dynamo Camp kids can express themselves thr
“Mothers Alternatives” is a babysitting service for children of immigrants, by mothers of the hos
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IMMERSIVE LABS is an Advanced Institute for Research, Development and Training in Immersive I
Art is used as a “therapeutic” tool, that can liberate minds, enhance self-knowledge, improve and
We help children with severe blood disorders in developing countries to gain access to adequate l
Multilingual and multiplatform publishing company devoted to patient medical education and to the
Improve the access to halotherapy benefits to children and people with respiratory and dermatolog
The city of Milan - Welfare, Social and health policies' Department and Italian Society of alcoho
Arrange development pathways for impaired people on individual basis in order to be integrated wi
Impaired people are seen as individuals who need health care, special treatment, assistance and s
Mothers alternatives is a babysitting service for children of immigrants, by mothers of the host
Creation of Family Nurse Service:professionals of welfare able to respond to different aspects o
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Physical activity can help older people and adults with disabilities maintain their independence,
the possibility of conducting a social activity within the pre-school (3-6 years) linking childre
The Foundation has been providing services for disabled and frail elderly people for more than 1