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We are an entrepreneurship platform offering inspiration and experiential learning to individuals
80% of Rwandans and billions of people worldwide live in homes with dirt floors-breeding grounds
Local + Lejos is a socially conscious home decor brand that creates contemporary product for cons
The project aims at reducing food insecurity by processing maize that is usually lost due to seas
Duhange Project is an initiative which was initiated by Brain Technologies Ltd, in order to nurtu
Mission Statement: Indego strives to empower thousands of African businesswomen by providing oppo
We want to bring a new way of breaking HIV/AIDS cycle by empowering sex workers; a group whose H
The change we want to bring to the world is to create job opportunity for sex workers and then sa
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Hundreds of thousands of footballs are bought and disposed of each year in Africa.
Increasing the entrepreneurial capabilities of women by helping them create sustainable businesse
Nuru Energy seeks to replace expensive and polluting kerosene lamps in Africa by introducing the
TRANS-COM CAMPAIGN signifie les moyens de TRANSPORT comme outil de COMMUNICATION
Akilah is a career training and leadership institute for young women in Kigali, Rwanda.
The Cry Peace Project will support peacebuilding and healing in Rwanda through online and cellula
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Our product is a homemade banana leaf sanitary pad that can be produced in a home or small room w
Dirt floors make people sick, and billions of people now live and sleep on a dirt floor because t
The organic food staff is dealing with mushroom production in protected environment.