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Monika is combating gender stereotypes and their destructive effects by providing battered women
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Marek Roháček is a young social worker and educator who has developed a comprehensive strategy to
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Our first program opened in Nosy Be, Madagascar in the summer of 2014.
The Young Women Leadership Program is designed to enhance the capability of young women, aged 18-
We launched an intensive collaboration with four distinct and passionate NGOs from Bulgaria, Hung
The Obcianske zdruzenie Supertrieda (Civic Organisation SuperClass) is a NGO specialised in art e
Blue Ventures’ marine expeditions use innovative approaches to conserve fragile marine and coasta
In the pursuit of Land Reform, we are essentially focusing on Decentralized Land Management by te
The project empowers hearing-impaired individuals in Slovakia to utilize their vocational skills
Provides learning modules in order to obtain certificate to be able to apply for the occupation :