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Do you love the designs of our KARIGAR product but concerned about how they were made?
We help accelerate the transition towards a sustainable circular wool chain by upcycling post-con
Seven Senses creates unique 100% organic fabrics through a distinctive manufacturing process that
Rambler authentic streetwear is designed by young people from the streets in capital cities.
Gissy is a sustainable label of cork and eco leather products.
The Coolbox is the first one-stop-shop for organic food and beverages.
De Krat delivers local, seasonal and sustainable food, e.g.
Throwing away vegetables because their looks are not perfect?
The Nepali Green Entrepreneurship Centre is an innovation hub for young entrepreneurs to flourish
EcoEuros develops, installs, and manages reverse vending machines that accept PET bottles and Alu
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Bluerise develops Ocean Ecoparks, enabling islands and coastal regions to utiliz
BLOOMILY supports self organizing networks caring for friends, family and others in need in a saf