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YAQUA es la primera empresa social y marca de agua embotellada que destina el 100% de sus utilid
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By 2025 for every 3 tons of fish in the ocean there will be 1 ton of plastics.
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By 2025 for every 3 tons of fish in the ocean there will be 1 ton of plastics.
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Nisolo is a socially conscious lifestyle brand, connecting low resource, high skill producers to
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We work with women, weavers of vulnerable communities, giving them income for the sale of quality
AYNI DESIGN LAB is demonstrating how the fashion and apparel industry can contribute to a sustain
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En la AMSP queremos transformar el sector textil tradicional peruano y convertirlo en un ejemplo
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Kuchara trains the best agri-preneurs and tomorrow’s food system leaders while connects them with
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Trabajamos con tejedoras de comunidades vulnerables para que generen un ingreso por la venta de p
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This is an opportunity to be guided in daily reflections on personal and professional goals and f
Nueva Empresa is an efficient database integration and creation system for the informal sector of
Proyecto que busca que artesanos de áreas rurales del norte del país puedan comercializar sus pro
Nueva Empresa es un sistema efectivo de inclusión y obtención de base de datos del sector informa
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Duhem is the first Peruvian and Latin American community commerce for social consumers and cause-
Awamaki works with rural Andean women's cooperatives to create internationally marketable garment
Alfabetización Financiera clave para el Desarrollo Rural Inclusivo desde CARE PERU y MINAG - AGR
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Desde 1989, la AGTR se dedica a mejorar las condiciones de vida de trabajadoras del hogar.
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WAVES believes surf travel should benefit the people and communities where it happens.