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This project seeks to earnest the use of the abundance solar energy to power Ultra Violet water t
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Village Energy works with families in rural and urban slums of Uganda to address their energy nee
GloW wants to produce and sell energy saving stoves as an assembly set for developing countries.
Less than 5% of rural households in Uganda have access to electricity.
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Our first project were the Shades that were constructed with information on breast feeding, preve
We are trying to take our product to market and find other interested charities who could be inte
Ffene is a business platform on which SMEs can carry out various business processes cheaply.
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This is School management information system that will be used to monitor and support the primary
Maendeleo Foundation reaches out to communities and schools with up to date computer skills and i
Owino Internet is a social network facility aimed at providing affordable internet connection to
Guerrilla Lending is a new company based in Uganda that will be offering financialservices unique
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WMI’s village-level microfinance program offers loans, training and support for rural African wom
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All rice growers should be able to produce gas from rice husks for cooking.
Nearly half the world's population relies on traditional fuels for cooking, heating and lighting.
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smallsolutions is empowering energy impoverished communities in East Africa by providing renewabl
To offer a source of cheap clean fuel(biogas)to the rural population at household level, while re
Provision of Non-Formal basic Education to disadvantaged children and youth in the poor urban are
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Gasifier stoves start within 3 minutes and cook faster than traditional wood stoves, are 90% smok
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We first built Shades with information on breast feeding.