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A "Pesticide Residue Free" Label promoting agroecology by adding value (economically an
Women in Nepal have been cornered in almost every field, be it economic, political or academic.
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Mon projet : Galilée Communication serait une société dont le but serait de promouvoir les innova
The decline of the Jute sector in Bangladesh threatens millions of jobs and rural development.
Where emergency relief is needed, food aid distribution inefficiencies waste much food, leaving m
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Aimed at a multicultural female audience ages 18-35, The Glamourbaby Network broadcasts motivatio
Every 5 years, SWEN will have a specific theme that will require research into innovative product
Very high levels of crop damage due to growing number of wildlife especially rhino, elephants and
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The project focuses on exploring the knowledge of the community, Discussion (sharing of the knowl
AfB’s mission is to generate place of works for disable people while delivering a professional so
Birthday Forest uses IT to encourage Individuals and corporate to plant trees at least on their b