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Pro Kreator workshop uses construction play (with bricks, wooden blocks, or recyclables) to prese
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School of Imagination aims to make up the current shortcoming in the formal education system by p
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School play aims to be one alternative education amidst frenzied commercialization of education g
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Clevio Coder Camp builds 21st-century life-skills & positive characters in 6-15 year olds by
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Parental Advisory Baby Clothing is a punk inspired baby clothing company who are providing poor c
The first & only social enterprise in VN with experts in Arts for Human Development, providin
Using traditional play to go glocal - preparing children to fit in global world without losing lo
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Outreach program that offers tutoring, mentoring and scholarships while also building self-confid
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To further the reconciliation and peace process in three communities in Eastern DR Congo by using
Rumah Edukasi - "I Want to Learn" brings back playing and learning as a process, both for the kid
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It only needs a single mind to control a set of chess pieces, but how if the pieces are alive and
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Sunday Story gives an alternative to play station game by introducing storytelling and role playi
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Starting from the realization that less Hospitals in Indonesia provide play facilities for young
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Peduli Musik Anak is an independent movement to remind adults (particularly parents, teachers) ab
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SEMATA Gallery for Kids presents children's art centre by developing interactive projects, activi
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Red Nose Foundation is an Arts and Education organization that aims to support the personal &
Taman Posyandu is a model of holistic-integrated early childhood care service (including health,
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Tanoker Ledokombo is using Egrang (traditional stilt) as an entry point to introduce various valu