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Katarzyna improves the quality of the education system by engaging teachers and local communities
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Marian Chwastniewski is introducing a new educational approach in Poland that fosters creativity,
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Adam Jagiello-Rusilowski is working to shift the behaviors of at-risk youth and change the pervas
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Drawing on her experience as a lawyer and women's rights activist, América Romualdo is creat
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Culture is a civilisation operating system. Ours need reboot and update.
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Nossa missão é inspirar os estudantes a aprender e explorar conhecimento em uma rede online colab
We use soccer to teach kids things required by the educational program for ages from 5 to 8.
In 2012 the Nobody’s Children Foundation launched BeSt – an innovative application which combines
educational games and social events.
Partnership for Children is a comprehensive program which aims to integrate into society children
DAMB facilitates learning though creative problem solving in teams.
The project engages young people in Poland to raise awareness about cancer prophylaxis.The partic
For many of us it is extremely difficult to imagine the world of disabled children.
Multi-issues Partnership was created in order to integrate people and institutions around the id
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The "Solidarity in action" project aims to create a new mechanism of solidarity and responsibilit
A comprehensive Programme addressed to senior citizens to promote their social inclusion mainly t