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The CRE was founded on the premise that together we can build a generation of leaders that will r
The Just Move It initiative (JMI) originated on the Navajo Nation in 1993 as a partnership betwee
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Dechinta was born out a desire to decolonize education opportunities in Denendeh and beyond- to s
Des élèves de l'école participent à un événement de course à pieds: le 200 km de coeur.
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To get all of Canada active, what about a relay race from one Canadian Tire to another passing so
Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum, is a program designed to engage indigenous youth in tradition
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The Youth Leadership & Community Development Program will focus on building a sense of belong
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A community based business model or platform that empowers youth and elders to develop meaningful
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The Virtual TV Studio for Youth : a mentored, collaborative web space for all high schoolers acro
This is a great opportunity to give honest press to these hard working organizations.
Kids need stories! And sometimes grownups need support to learn to tell stories well.
To provide the Literacy and Life Skills necessary for newcomer immigrants and refugees to thrive
Vancouver Island Regional Library can play a vital role, and be an important community partner, i
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We are transforming the consumer-to-business feedback loop to demonstrate real-time value for Asi
The "On-Line Feed" is a dynamic web forum that captures and mobilizes the culture of shared food