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IBAPP represents Africa's most sustainable smallholder farm model.The concept equates youth
Boost Eco bags are paper bags which will serve as a new medium of communication, for consumer bra
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Transformer les externalités négatives de nos déchets fécaux en opportunité pour le renouvellemen
we are building social and solidarity economy network to boost a cooperative movment in Cameroon
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Drinking Water as a Service (DWAAS) is a social enterprise that invests in safe drinking water pr
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MAHSRA -TECH moving African institutions to the next dimension with ICT networking parameters.
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Cameroonians are mad about football and it is THE national sport!
The Tinto periodical market is a business project aimed at helping cocoa farmers in the enclave a
Forest Gardens Campaign is a project that aims at improving on the nutritional standards of local
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At GiftedMom, we use innovative technologies and underemployed youths in the informal sector to i
WOSHLIN leverages on cross breeding of animals or artificial insemination of cattle with better s
Entered in UCONN SUSI 2013
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AGRO-HUB is a food distributor and retailer co-operative aimed at upgrading Cameroon’s agricultur
WaterWays™ provides sustainable water solutions and development platforms for rural areas, enabli