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Bangladesh has made impressive strides in achieving gender parity at primary and secondary level
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Le projet d'Eau et Vie à Bhashantek, Bangladesh, vise à améliorer les conditions de vie de 2
Transparent communication helps build trust: We have created a cost-efficient, scalable, standalo
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More than 89% of our 4 million girls working in the RMG industry use factory floor thrown away st
mCARE is an integrated mobile phone pregnancy and neonatal health information system for communit
V0P seeks to track the spread of endemic cholera in Bangladesh using trained health workers equip
To develop a sustainable rural health care service delivery system combining both preventive and
We use discarded vinyl banners (sourced for free from ad agencies and companies) to make protecti
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Project "To-Gather" is a cooperative communal cooking space that is fueled by biogas generated fr
Our project will Repair broken wells and latrines and provide hygiene Education, creating New res