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HerFloor is an all-in-one marketplace for women to buy and sell products or services, share exper
Clean Our Water aims to have at least one electrochlorinator kit to provide clean water at the ce
Our purpose is to save user´s time and provide them a set of tools/services which help them to re
what if believing is seeing rather than the other way round?
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We live in a world where food and water security are becoming realities.
Th scope of this project is to cover all the energy demand of a house by giving cheap solution f
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A study is conducted for potential dam sites selection in order to store rainwater by using Satel
We create inexpensive, durable houses from recyclable material.
Don’t you agree that majority of the population in the under developed countries have very limite
‘Life for All’ initiative is helping those people who don’t have access to clean drinking water,