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Ricardo engages the diverse sectors working within marine eco-systems (from each segment of the f
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Collective land ownership and management is a practice that his been widely used in Spain and els
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Martin Ascacíbar is creating vibrant, profitable new businesses in rural Spain by restructuring v
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Caring for Spain's abundant biodiversity of plants and animals has always been perceived by
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Authenticitys is an online platform connecting conscious travellers with local changemakers throu
En BYBELNE nos dedicamos a la producción y comercialización de calzado, con la finalidad de propo
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Altrapo Lab is a creative clothes recycling laboratory where we work to recover the value of the
Imagine a world in which a substantial part of all new textiles is made from existing clothing.
Smart mobile solution for water and irrigation management, based on wireless IoT protocols, advan
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Ante la necesidad de ampliar contextos de educación, y la existencia en el patio del instituto un
Crear un recinto para la práctica deportiva de Motocross, Enduro, Trial, 4x4, Quads y todos los d
Trabajaremos con una metodología de implicación de toda la comunidad en las soluciones a las sit
“Team up for good” is an internal community inviting all our employees to “team up” and collabora
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Through education, connection, and ecological action we explore complex societal frameworks, simp
Uso de la web para el fomento de una cultura abierta y de calidad y la generación de un espacio d
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Urmanismo 2.0 is a new concept in Sustainable Planning and Social Networks, which allows for the
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A jointly financed business plan competitions by the local governments and private sector will be
Imagine a live participatory newspaper with its own youtube created by civil society and whose pr
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Three Worlds is a real transformative partnership and a real sustainable development project addr