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UGD has created interactive career coaching and mentoring workshops for graduates and early caree
The objective of the Bangladeshi Garment Employee Gold Standard – Certificate (GEGS), is to set u
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Karisma Kidz is a multi-award-winning brand delivering positive social impact using digital games
RubyMoon sustainable swim & activewear donates all it's profits to women entrepreneurs i
Gen Community develops, finances and manages community owned renewable energy projects in low inc
Raise her Voice- a social enterprise with multi layered benefit & holistic approach.
The Garment Repurposing Design App identifies, systemizes + presents step-by-step exactly what ca
We enable women-led artisan groups to directly sell high quality accessories to international con
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What do women we speak to in Malawi want? They don't want hand-outs, they want choices.
We want to revolutionise how healthcare is administered in remote areas by using a text booking s
We help ex-prisoners become self-employed.
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The U-Do Project will enable money to flow back to local communities through our community invest
Do you want to join a hybrid network where you can both be making money as an investor and making
64% of consumers are eating healthier today and making choices
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Tutudesk UK supports the South African organisation the Desmond Tutu 2015 Tutudesk Campaign Centr
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Ubuntu-Pesa is not an aid agency or a charity.