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Talented artisans shouldn’t be in shadows but in limelight.
Ethik BGC works along the value chain promoting a triple bottom line that works for people and it
In developing countries, a university degree increases earning potential by 3-5x, and is the most
Create an all Canadian Citizen Sportsmen lottery leagues for the number one town or city
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Bringing back the concept of Barter online with fresh perspectives and innovative solutions.
FundUni is a web-based software platform designed to create a free market connection between thos
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Hakuna Matata Imports and Accessories has grown out of my love for Africa, and the learning's tha
opening a small business a Bakery and locally grown vegetables.
Value added agricultural cooperative to better the lives of challenged aboriginal youth and young
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To work with newcomer immigrant and refugee women to provide skills development and business trai
Megaphone provides a low-thresold and empowering economic opportunity to homeless and low-income
Decode Global is an incubator of mobile apps for social change.
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To provide & distribute affordable nutritious frozen meals to the Squamish community and Sea
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SIKAT is the 1st Filipino-Canadian trading cooperative in BC.
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Enhance financial well-being & create opportunities for sustainable livelihoods for young peo
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Our solution provides the road map to revitalizing food production in rural communities throughou
WFPA promotes nutrition and agricultural development based on local production of a ‘leaf extract