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Es una campaña a favor de la creación de una Corte Penal Latinoamericana y del Caribe contra el C
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This is a clean, safe, waterless sanitation system.
Recruitment of foreign qualified doctors from developed countries to address the critical shortag
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Poco is a mHealth solution that aims to extend public health care networks to every citizen, part
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Para tener un mundo más justo y equitativo donde todas las personas tengan derecho y accesibilida
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Change the bitumen ( tar ) industry which is unsustainable on an ecological and long term mainten
Creating significant first-world property ownership for an approximate 1,4 million, mostly poor,
It’s a campaign to highlight the issues affecting cancer survivors in South Africa and to develop
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The "Humanized Birth Revolution" improves health outcomes for women by promoting delivery in prim
To deal with the problem of lack of accessibility of maternal healthcare to Africans, we came out
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South Africa still has one of the highest maternal, child and infant morbidity and mortality.
The idea is to have monthly information workshops for pregnant women and those thinking of having