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Nuru Energy aims to provide affordable, clean, safe and functional lighting solutions to rural ho
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World's largest "smart IoT" peace walkway monument, ever!
Smart Health Card project is among the first building block which lays the foundation of th
KornetCity is a conceptual model that focuses on reducing start up and operational costs for SME
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The ReMind community project is dedicated to the development of user-orientated mental health ser
The traffic in Mauritius is horrible and with the number of cars growing exponentially we will so
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Closed loop system of organic food production, indigenous species of fruits and vegetables, meat
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Innovation...that's it, is a project that aims to encourage young people to deal with as much sci
SMEDA is an governmental agency that supports and facilitates the development of entrepreneurship
Partnerstvo za zdravlje develops innovative solutions to enhance the quality of Serbian health se
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we do things
Our vision is to live in a world without HIV and AIDS, that is also a main aim of the project.
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SoSIn Shop base business idea store relies on the need for customers to buy quality goods as chea