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Yayasan Alit is helping traditional fabric makers, mothers of children who are living in poverty,
Safe Abortion Hotline is a strategy for combatting mortality and morbidity from unsafe abortion b
TORAJAMELO aims to solve the feminization of poverty and the disappearance of indigenous weaving
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We revitalize traditional art work through integrating cultural preservation into the economic em
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We identify profit-making strategies through founding green communal business groups to bring eco
Bengkel APPeK is helping landless women farmer to raise their participation in local development
Economically supporting communities, that is, giving them alternatives to natural resource destru
Institut Ibu Profesional, preparing professional mothers of the global era: tech savvy mothers wi
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Kumpulan Emak2 Blogger (KEB) is a community that embodies the female bloggers in Indonesia to sha
Mantasa is a non-profit organization works on edible wild plants issue.
YRS empowers women at Bali's traditional markets to achieve reproductive health wellbeing by prov
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The only organization in Indonesia specifically tailored by, from and for breastfeeding mothers.
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The PRCF aims to provide sustainable economic opportunities to marginalized Dayak women and girls
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We are creating new business opportunities for women that do not require them to take on risk or deb
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The gender divide in the global south finds women disproportionately burdened by natural disaster
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The use of technology and advanced techniques for the conversion of natural dye materials (plants
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The WHO/Unicef Breastfeeding Counseling Course training guide book was modified into a set of fli
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jakartanicus channel on youtube provides more attractive and accurate content.
By removing the economic dependence of women with HIV in partner is expected to increase the self